Are you ready to gain the advantage?

D4 make industrial brands fit for a digital world. We have a passion for working with leading engineering and manufacturing companies. Our work gives our clients the advantage in today’s global economy. And we can prove it. We have one mission – to make your business perform better in a world that is changing fast.

Does digital work? Yes it does. Since working with D4 and throughout the recession, all our clients have recorded year-on-year growth – in sales enquiries, turnover, profit, productivity and exports. They’ve sold more products to existing customers, broken into new domestic and international markets and discovered new revenue streams.

We know the top industrial companies have strong traditions, specialist skills and an established customer base. Winning in today’s global economy means engaging with buyers as much as competing on delivery times or unit cost. We help you capitalise on your brand’s expertise and heritage by communicating more than industry experience or manufacturing capacity. And with our specialist knowledge of UK funding for business, we can help you access grants for activities such as exporting and marketing.

We are proud to be taking the products and skills of UK heavy industry into the wider global economy, through better and faster communications. Now is the time to invest in digital.


Our approach

We can help you transform your business through digital. Here’s how we do it…


We make your business stand out from your competition by providing you with a powerful visual identity and unique brand positioning.

We don’t make ‘pretty’ websites or flash apps, we make data-driven digital tools that deliver results for industrial brands.

We ensure your digital tools perform at their maximum on Google, taking what you do best to audiences across the world, night and day.

Our manifesto

We make industrial brands fit for a digital world. Here’s what we believe is important…


At D4 we believe there is an intrinsic relationship between design and industry.


We believe good design is good business and we are convinced that digital should lead the regrowth of our region’s economy.


We use our skills and expertise to help the manufacturing, engineering and technology industries. We recognise that they are at the heart of our region’s economic and cultural heritage, yet they are often overlooked by our own industry.


We understand effective branding first demands great thinking then great execution using aesthetic judgment, crafted content and creative edge.


We believe in the power of design. If we do our work well, the companies we work with will thrive, bringing prosperity and employment to the people of our region.


We forge long-term relationships with clients who may not understand the digital world but who are willing to embrace it.


We have one mission — to make your business perform better in a world that is changing fast.