Emma Drohan = More Foil


From sleek, contemporary surroundings to the more traditional, Emma offers a bespoke interior design service for all clients, regardless of taste or budget.

We wanted to create something that reflected Emma’s diversity when applying her trade  – so we focused on the ‘D’, we wanted to utilise the creative space within it, so we created a mark which could be adapted to relevant projects, themes or even seasons. Having been allured by the beautiful foil from our previous job, we chose a bronze foil which gave the logo elegance and impact , we then had to find a quality paper stock to compliment this and Munken came to the rescue. Whilst we are very happy with the last three projects, foil is now banned from the studio (well the shiny foil anyway).

Matthew Hall

Matt's interest lies in design that helped push industry forward. He has a unhealthy passion for chairs, Béton Brut and his love for techno music outweighs most things.

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