How Does Your Brand Feel?


Is branding just what you see? Can it be what you hear? How about smell? If we dig a little deeper, surely it should be about what you feel? As traditional media power falls off standby to see more of this ‘panoramic’ view of branding being played out in the retail world.

Burberry have just become the first fashion brand to release a single with a band called The Feeling which will soundtrack the Christmas advertising campaign for their new perfume Body. Their hope is the association between the feel of the song and the feel of the scent will connect with an audience that’s being lost in an era of ever dwindling magazine readership. So, instead of ‘sniff strips’ stuck into mags, we now have radio airplay and download giveaways on Facebook making the connection with consumers.

Just to get in quick ahead of this audio onslaught we have decided that if D4 were a feel, we would be the sound of King Tubby.

Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He is an internationally experienced designer specialising in the development of brands into digital. Justin thinks everything is interesting.

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