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Ditching printed for online publications is prevalent in today’s digital world, social media is now the favoured route of communication, content is fresh and can be posted at anytime, commented on and discussed instantly. Due to digital being a more effective form of communication, agencies made the shift from print to digital some time ago. Although we love digital here at D4 (it’s what we do!), it’s interesting to see the people at design assembly have turned this on its head, and done the opposite. After 3 years, the much revered design blog has been taken offline and has swapped it’s posts for pages.

So, formed on 3 hunches, and after 3 years, 148 posts, 904 comments and over 2.5m visits later, Design Assembly marked the occasion by immortalising 3 years worth of great content in a tangible form – A book (split into 3 sections).

Design assembly wasn’t your ordinary design blog, it was never just about showing beautiful work, it was crammed with insightful thoughts, comments and discussions from industry figureheads who contributed  regulary. So much like the site, the book  may be a beautiful well crafted piece of design, but the content will be weighty also.

Following the theme of 3. 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer, so all profits from the book will go to 3 different cancer charities. So it’s not just a great book. Buy it here.

Matthew Hall

Matt's interest lies in design that helped push industry forward. He has a unhealthy passion for chairs, Béton Brut and his love for techno music outweighs most things.

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