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Global Manufacturing Festivaltwo

Call us sad but we love a bit of manufacturing here at the Steel City. The Global Manufacturing Festival is being held in Sheffield this March and D4 will be first in the door. Designing for the engineering and technology industry may not be glamorous but it’s where our passion lies. 

People like to trot out the old line that “we don’t make anything anymore.” Well we fervently disagree. It’s all about how you consider ‘making’. Britain ‘makes’ some of the best films, television, music, buildings, fashion, advertising and design work in the world.

Whilst these creative industries may not fit into a traditional view of manufacturing, the cross-overs are massive. New products need tooling, structures have to be to be built, ideas brought to life. On the flip side our established industries need to find new ways to communicate in tomorrow’s restart economy, to embrace digital as a media to find new global opportunities. And when they find new audiences they need to present themselves as the world beating brands they truly are.

That’s where D4 come in. We have one mission. To make brands fit for a digital world. If your business is facing a digital challenge let’s meet up at the Global Manufacturing Festival 2012. Maybe together we’ll make something better.

Call Paul Herron on +44 (0)7802 500 707 or email him at paul.herron@d4online.com to hook up.

Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He is an internationally experienced designer specialising in the development of brands into digital. Justin thinks everything is interesting.

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