The Walking Club

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Peak District walking poster

Macs all day, Untappd in the pub, Anytime+ on the sofa. Winter has taken it’s toll on the retina’s of us all.

But there is hope. Spring is springing it’s magic, the Peaks call, wide vistas await and life in all it’s natural glory beckons. (Well, it’s kind of like that – the first few walks usually find me stumbling up a hill, head down, gasping for oxygen and swearing quite a bit).

This year we’re determined to make it all the way to Manchester, it might take all summer, but peak by peak we’re heading over to the other side. Every month D4 will be hosting The Walking Club, you are all welcome. As long as you have boots. And you don’t talk too much – there’s not enough oxygen for my knackered lungs and your gabbing.

The Walking Club. One walk a month, each peak leading to the next, all the way to Manchester. You in?

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Justin Williams
Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He thinks everything is interesting. And wants a mango orange front door.

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