Typography project by Joshua Scott


Here’s a funky Typography project by NYC’s Joshua Scott who is much more well-known for his fantastic still-life photography work. I’ll not ramble on or go into too much detail as the pictures speak for themselves, but here’s a brief description of what’s what and why I like it;

Scott collaborated with a type foundry to create a custom font called Giorgio Sans Bold as a base to “illuminate” thousands of miniature toy objects to create what is essentially a considerable work of art. If you look close enough you can see all kinds of toy bits and bobs – from things that may well fall out of a Christmas Cracker to garishly coloured Barbie boots.

All the elements come together to make it not only playful, but accomplished. Scott describes his project as “taking the perception of youth to a magnified level”. How very New York!

It was commissioned and used by Bullett Magazine in a recent issue which worked really well as you will see if you magnify the last image on the left. Personally I hope to see it elsewhere as it would be a shame for it to be limited to one edition of one magazine – as it’s very easy on the eyes in my opinion. Plus, every time I look I see something different within the type / image.

Here’s a link to the creators website, it’s full of more outstanding and varied still-life photography projects:- www.joshuascottphoto.com

PS: It seems I like this type of photography project as I wrote about a project with similar theme recently – see the art of hoarding…

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