Everybody’s heard about the bird.


So Twitter have launched their new marque in the form of a slightly more refined bird. At first glance its not hugely different from the last little fella but on closer examination the form is much better defined. The bird’s quiff has been removed, the feathers are cut from more uniformed curves and it now faces upwards in a gesture of positivity and progress one might assume. The new marque also makes the ‘t’ icon and logo-type redundant favouring a bolder symbolic presence of the bird. Brave move but not one made prematurely in my opinion. The previous bird marque is pretty ubiquitous and is easily denoted as the symbol of Twitter so why dilly dally? Its also a coming of age thing.

Many social media brands have pretty rudimentary brand marques which appear in multiple unchecked forms. There’s a kind of accepted pattern of inconsistency in many of them and Twitter was one of the main offenders. At one point there were 4 different type marques, 3 different birds, 5 different lozenge icons and then multiple ambiguous cross-overs of all 3. What drove this inconsistency is perhaps the brand’s organic evolution along with the rapid adoption of social media links on websites where the icons would be adapted to suit their host platform rather than retain a consistent form and deployment. The same fate has to some extend fallen to Facebook, youtube, linkedin, flickr and all the other shareable platforms but it seems that Twitter’s redesign is a move to cement the brand in user’s minds, I guess we might see a wave of social media brands looking into the performance of their identities and perhaps some interesting brand refreshes in the following months. Now the acid test is to see if in the next 6 months the new Twitter marque appears in its new form or will the old renditions still creep into the viewer’s line of sight! We shall see

Andy Richards
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