Beyond the Gallery. A peak into the work of Isaac Cordal.


I’ve always been interested in people manipulating public spaces for creative expression so when I stumbled across Isaac Cordal’s work on Design Boom yesterday I was immediately intrigued into how this artist brings conceptual art to life in the context of the real world. Isaac’s latest project ‘Waiting for climate change’ is a powerful and sombre installation of multiple miniature sculpted figures set in various areas of beach in de Panne, Belgium.

The socio-environmental commentary of this work is compelling. Expressed through different figures representative of a broader society facing the effects of climate change. The figures appear quite drab and void of personality which is interesting, as if modern society has sapped the humanity out of them. Many of these figure gaze lifelessly into their smart phones half submerged in sand or sea protected by a flimsy rubber ring. The message is quite direct, and really exposes humanity’s apathy to real world issue which are creeping closer and closer to home. Our immersion or assimilation into an alternative digital reality is at question here and the public’s indifference is strongly expressed in the situational context of Isaac’s installation.

Isaac’s work is profoundly situational the intricacy of which really draws the viewer into his miniature creative mind-scape. The work might not be highly visible but its the placement and scale which empowers a bolder message. So next time you’re strolling down the street try to notice the smaller things around you, perhaps they’ll have a huge effect on you.

Andy Richards
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