Microsoft Surface Tablet


Well isn’t this interesting Microsoft launching a Tablet, but not just a tablet, its a tablet that turns into a Laptop….so why not just buy a laptop! I don’t get it. Surely the whole point of a tablet is to progress beyond the seemingly clunky limited portability of the traditional laptop computer and move towards a more intuitive and versatile tool. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, keyboard smart cover will definitely appeal to some people but if the aim is to sway favour away from Apple I think they’ll have to work a bit harder.

So not wanting to be overly scathing of Microsoft’s efforts I’ll delve into the pros of the Surface tablet. Firstly it has a kick stand to allow it to stand proud when the user is tapping away on the smart cover keyboard. This can be handy when watching movies in one’s drab business hotel but isn’t the TV a better option? It does run Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro which is without doubt a big step forward in touch screen OS technology and a platform which users are becoming increasingly used to particularly with its presence in the smart phone world. It also reportedly has a 10.6 inch HD screen which is bigger than the new ipad’s 9.7 and also boast front and rear facing camera. All sounds pretty good…ish, but will it really give the ipad a run for its money?

Naturally we’ll have to wait to find out how much they’ll retail at and if they do undercut the ipad considerably then those who feel more comfortable in the microsoft world will certainly embrace it where as the Apple boys and girls are more likely to stay loyal to their more graceful tablet. Do I sound bias? Yeh sure I do!

Andy Richards
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