The Mighty Pen of Mark Powell


Well today has been full of visual treats but none so compelling as these intricate portraits by artist Mark Powell. We know virtually nothing about him except he hails from Leeds and now works out of London and draws wonderful portraits using a biro. Now I know there’s a few artists who create their work with this rather rudimentary tool but what drew us to Mark’s work was the degree of detail in the images.

Focusing mainly on the ‘Elderly’ each crease and wrinkle in these long lived in faces is accentuated beautifully. He also draws on opened envelopes with stamps and scrawl fully present which is great because it makes the work seem much more instant as if he started scribbling on a corner and then got lost in his creative world. Anyway have a look at his site for many more examples of his work and pop over to Facebook and like his page.

Andy Richards
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