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Mobile phone evolution

Have you had that feeling of dread when you’re out of the 3G zone or have no WiFi access? Horrible isn’t it? It certainly makes me wonder how we coped before we had an endless flow of knowledge at our fingertips. I guess we just did as we didn’t know any better.

Information can appear in various forms in order to communicate with others, and the speed at which technology is advancing, it’s making this easier, faster and more efficient.

It’s scary to think in 20 years time that people will look back and think that in 2012 we lived in simpler times. We cannot predict what the technological future holds for the world, but I can sure as hell bet that it’s going to be interesting.

Voice recognition smartphones are already available and allow you to say what you need your phone to do. No need to type. A pretty cool technological advancement it may be, but is this turning us into lazy and expectant beings? Too lazy to hand write something, so we type. Too lazy to type, so we speak. Do we expect one day that we can speak to any machine and get it to do what we want but become frustrated if it operates ‘in the old way’?

If you watch younger generations interacting with technology, the ease of which they use touchscreens, for example, is fascinating. No lessons required, they just know. For this very reason I believe the digital future is in their hands. It is their needs that will count and determine what digital fads will stay or go. Advancements have been and gone, and only those that we find a real need for continue to be a part of our daily lives.

When was the last time someone used a pager? Probably not since a Hollywood film in the 90s. I always thought they were the coolest thing (if you ever watched ‘Clueless’, you’ll know exactly what I mean).

Communication has improved over the years through innovative technology, and this has allowed younger generations to grow with the changes. Our need as human beings to be more social has also altered the communicative channels significantly. The list is endless of the applications now available to communicate. But when will it stop? Or will it?

Telephone calls, texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter… I can’t imagine a world without them now.

Social media plays a huge part in our daily lives. It seems impossible to escape digital communication as we’re now living in a world where people can communicate with us almost anywhere in the world (unless the 3G connection goes of course). Some of these communications, or noise, we’d much rather mute, or better yet, hit the stop button.

How would you feel about cutting all digital communication ties for a day?

No phone.

No TV.

No computer.

It sounds like you’ve just been grounded.

Sarah Baird

As well as managing D4's projects, Sarah's interests are in disruptive technologies, 3D printing, social media and eCommerce trends, Game of Thrones and making jam.

  • Justin Williams
    Posted at 16:00h, 17 July Reply

    Timely writing Sarah. I’ve just spent a week on a ‘fast’ from technology. Before I went I had to phone everyone to tell them I wouldn’t be able to call them! It took 3 days of cold turkey before I calmed down and then it was bliss.

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