Why Josef Albers still matters


Paul and I went to Cork in southern Ireland last week to participate in the Midsummer Arts Festival they have there. Now I’ve been going to Cork for years, and whilst I love the music, the beer, the people and the chat, the real reason I go is to visit the wonderful Glucksman Gallery.Little did we know that this trip would offer up an exhibition that would leave us both in designer’s heaven – a retrospective of the work of Josef Albers, one of the original Bauhaus school members.

From modest beginnings as a school instructor and figurative artist he became one of the best known abstract painters, colour explorers, and art teachers of the modern world. As a young design student I spent hours poring over books on The Bauhaus in Barnet College library, so to see Alber’s designs and paintings in the flesh was jaw dropping.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience the work of this fascinating artist have a look on the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation website. Or pop over to Cork before the end of July and check it out for yourself.

Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He is an internationally experienced designer specialising in the development of brands into digital. Justin thinks everything is interesting.

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