The Madness / Genius of Ziad Ghanem


The Madness / Genius of Ziad Ghanem

Now I’m not one to blog about fashion, as I don’t really get it that much. Once I get past jeans and polo-shirts I’m a bit lost. So, it’s fair to say I’m not qualified to write about it – so I won’t (other than the info bit below).

These fashion images grabbed my attention recently – they showcase the work of Ziad Ghanem, who is a Lebanese designer based in London, who’s (apparently!) synonymous with ‘cult couturier’. His work, in my opinion is, well, just out there. So I thought I’d share it – as whatever he’s trying to achieve is madness / genius.

First and last Fashion blog… done.

Paul Herron

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  • Andy D4
    Posted at 08:42h, 20 July Reply

    I think Ziad’s work is pretty interesting, like a peak inside the mind of Nina Hagen.

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