Here’s an award winning digital campaign from Down Under. This is a great example of digital being put to great use and truly engaging a niche target audience. It definitely ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

It’s a recruitment campaign for the Australian Defence Force, called Mobile Medic. The task the agency (GPY&R) was given was to recruit as many Medical Students to get into a Defence University Sponsorship. Although I term it as a campaign, it is in actual fact a real test for medical wannabe’s – rather than straight digital advertising activity. It’s so good it’s just won 4 Gold Medals and oodles of silver and bronzes gongs to boot at Cannes.

It comes to the students in the form of an mobile app that uses image recognition technology within an augmented reality framework. So when they hover their phone over the images of military personnel pictured on the billboards outside their school their screen shows an x-ray image of that person and interactive movies of hearts, lungs and skeletal imagery. The task for the students is to find the problem and diagnose it via their phone or tablet and submit it. If the students pass the test they’re invited to join the Medic fraternity. House, eat your heart out!

Personally, it’s up there with the Potje Pissen! campaign I blogged about recently.

What do you think?

Paul Herron

Paul is a lover of all things digital. He’s seen the rise of digital over the past 20 years and is still excited by how it can transform a business. He also likes internet cats and (still) has a teenage crush on Björk.

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