100,000 Staples and 40 hours later…


As a person who usually has little or no patience with the physical world around me I have nothing but admiration for those who do. And I have heaps of respect for the many artists that painstakingly create installations to beautify our surroundings. So when I came across this project by Peter Root it made be bow down and hail this guys patience.

He’s created a beautiful little city in the lobby of a building using the staples in stacks at varying heights. It has quite an eerie and sinister feel to it in my opinion. Not bad for something so small. The man obviously has the patience of a saint as 40 hours and 100,000+ Staples later it was complete.

The project is named ‘Ephemicropolis’ and was done a couple of years ago – I have no idea if it’s still standing… I hope so!

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You can watch the making of Ephemicropolis by clicking here, or go to the artist’s website by clicking here

Paul Herron

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