The Electronic Supper Club

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Invite to Electronic Supper Club

My nights of dancing in dark rooms to electronic music are limited nowadays – but thanks to a collective of Sheffield creatives (The black dog et al), we now have the a must for any electronic adventurer.

An event which takes place every Wednesday, where we see some great live performances (+ visuals) filmed and streamed live via the website.

There’s been some really great mixes up to now including box jam DJs, Paul Woolford & Bozwell. So you can either watch it online in the comfort of your own home, or get down and join them (invite only), at the very reasonable time of 8-11pm (great for us semi-retired clubbers).

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Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall

Matt's interest lies in design that helped push industry forward. He has a unhealthy passion for chairs, Béton Brut and his love for techno music outweighs most things.

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