Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich Kids

Welcome to the world of ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’… or RKOI as it’s more widely known for those in the know. How, oh how, do I introduce this social media phenomenon? Well, it’s unbelievable, opulent, vulgar, addictive, ostentatious, champagne-tastic, funny, tasteless and quite brilliant all at the same time.

When I first came across the website I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, puke or just throw my iPad out of the window in disgust – or all of the above. It’s vulgar yes, but it’s also very addictive. It’s the blog I now love to ‘hate surf’.

Although it’s on the tumblr platform it’s essentially powered by user generated Instagram content. So, as you’ll see from the images super-rich kids across the world use Instagram to capture images of their materialistic lives and the frivolous things they buy / own. So whether these kids are diving off their Dad’s Yacht in the Caribbean, sat in their Lamborghini, or just showing off their latest collection of Hermes handbags – it’s all put on Instagram to the delight and disgust of their followers. The best shots are then curated by RKOI by using hashtags within the Instagram app. They then transfer the chosen images to the RKOI tumblr blog. Sure, this is nothing new in terms of manipulating social media content to create your own unique digital space… but it’s the champagne fuelled theme that’s the difference.

Safe to say, it’s a very popular website with both the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. In fact, it’s so successful that Republican candidates Romney & Ryan have advertised on it – target demographics and all that! So whilst your scrolling and looking at kids in the Hampton’s nonchalantly sipping a bottle of Dom Perignon through a straw you have a Republican banner-ad over the rich kid’s head. Again, what do you do – laugh, cry or get angry?

Despite all the fun, what has come to light recently because of all this activity by the super-rich heirs and heiresses on social networks are potential security threats… as in kidnapping. This issue was brought to the fore recently when Zachary Dell (teenage son of PC magnate Michael Dell), appeared on RKOI courtesy of his older sister Alexa, who posted an image of him sat on the family jet quaffing champagne and scoffing posh-nosh on the way to Fiji – as you do! She then posted it to her Twitter account and detailed her every move whilst there, including where she was shopping, eating and staying. And she had been doing the same thing way before the Fiji trip. Which, if your Papa Dell and your spending over $3M a year on family security alone it’s a real concern.

However, what is interesting to me is that the top-notch security firm hired by Michael Dell had no idea what the kids were doing online. Big mistake, and what a thing to miss. I suppose former CIA and MI5 types are not trained in the art of snooping into Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. After recent events maybe now they will be.

Safe to say that Alexa Dell’s Twitter account has now been deactivated. So, bad luck Mr Kidnapper! If anyone would like to me kidnap it’s easy, I’ll be in a sandwich shop around lunchtime somewhere in Sheffield city centre with about £10.15 in change spread across two pockets. Any takers? No, thought not.

Anyway, please visit the RKOI blog as it’s an eye-opener. And whilst you’re there why not sign-up to the e-newsletter and get your daily dose of opulence? Just what you need before you put your nose to the grindstone each day…

See how the other half live:-

On a serious note – what do you guys think of the RKOI blog? I’d love to get some feedback, so leave your comments below.

Paul Herron

Paul is a lover of all things digital. He’s seen the rise of digital over the past 20 years and is still excited by how it can transform a business. He also likes internet cats and (still) has a teenage crush on Björk.


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