Video rules online


Apparently Apple’s new iPhone 5 may be the saving grace of the US manufacturing base. Top US economists reckon it’ll put a quarter to half a point on the GDP of the nation over the next 3 months. Combine top technology, software and imagination with design and good splash of entrepreneurial spirit and you too can invent a game changing product that everyone wants. Love it or hate it the US culture seems to nurture ideas that produce things the rest of the world craves. From movies to rollercoasters to putting people on the moon, if you want to do it you can. But only in America.

Meanwhile a quick check on Apple’s website today confirms what we’ve known for a long time here at D4. Video rules online. Massive picture, good headline and a couple of movies. That’s it. Let’s be honest, if your product is this good, do you need anything more?

Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He is an internationally experienced designer specialising in the development of brands into digital. Justin thinks everything is interesting.

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