Zombie party @ DLS

Zombie Party AW

Commissioning a piece of design at a bus stop is not usually common practice, but why the hell not when it involves Bozzwell (of Hiem fame) and techno stalwarts the Black Dog.

As designers in Sheffield we are deeply interested in what other people are doing in the city in which we live. There’s no financial gain to this kind of work for us, no money changes hands, all we ask is that we are simply left free to design what we want.

Bozzy did just that for his Zombie party at Dirty Little Secret and it got him this amazing poster from Matt. So, if you have an idea you’d like to bring to life, pluck up the courage and just ask us. You never know your luck…

Justin Williams

Justin is the Creative Director of D4. He is an internationally experienced designer specialising in the development of brands into digital. Justin thinks everything is interesting.

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