D4 in Korea for Gastech 2014


If you were to ask me and the rest of the D4 team what really gets our creative juices flowing at the moment, you may be surprised to find out it’s actually Cryogenics and LNG (liquified natural gas). Yeah, I know, not run of the mill for a brand + digital agency, but here’s why…

Over the last few years, our bank of knowledge and expertise within cryogenics and specifically LNG has grown. For us as business consultants it’s important that we know an industry inside out to allow us to provide the best digital solutions for our clients. But there is something about cryogenics and LNG that has really stuck with us and makes us want to know more.

Next week, Justin and I embark on our 11 hour flight to Seoul, South Korea for Gastech 2014, where we will be a part of the international conference and exhibition for LNG. Not only will we be there supporting our German client throughout, but we’ll also be taking this opportunity to look at this exciting industry as a whole and really begin to dig deeper into this innovative fuel. Don’t get me wrong, LNG is not new. But it is the fuel of the future – a fast growing market that is taking the USA and the rest of the world by storm. In comparison to other fuels, LNG is significantly greener (50% less emissions than diesel) and is the start of what is being dubbed an ‘energy revolution’ in the USA as they look to lower fuel emissions, whilst having one eye on becoming self-sufficient energy-wise and thus stopping their reliance on Middle Eastern Oil – which will have a far reaching affect on global politics. Exciting times ahead.

With approximately 600 companies in attendance at Gastech this year, the exhibitor list is huge, and I couldn’t possibly list them all – but the likes of Shell, Chevron, Air Products, BP and Linde are all there. It is such an exciting industry, one that our team are very passionate about. It’s amazing to think we’ll be surrounded by the LNG giants in South Korea, being able to absorb a wealth of knowledge to build on what we already know.

We’ll be posting updates to our social channels to keep you up-to-date with the all the goings on at Gastech as I slowly try to convert you all into LNG-geeks. I will also look forward to filling you in fully on my return.

Paul Herron

Paul is a lover of all things digital. He’s seen the rise of digital over the past 20 years and is still excited by how it can transform a business. He also likes internet cats and (still) has a teenage crush on Björk.

  • Christian Fritzen
    Posted at 11:05h, 23 March Reply

    I will try to contact you ! where can I find you on Gas Tec ?

    I will only be there on Tuesday ! please leave me a not by E- Mail

    thanks Christian

  • Justin
    Posted at 11:23h, 24 March Reply

    Hi Christian, hope you received Paul’s email and we’re meeting up tomorrow afternoon. Cheers j

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