In today’s constantly shifting marketplaces brand design has never been more important. Your brand differentiates your business and creates a sustainable competitive advantage. At d4 we love the challenge of creating unique visual identities that people recognise in an instant, online and offline.

There have been millions of words written on the subject of brand and nearly all of them focus on consumer products and markets. But what about industrial businesses whose products are bought by other companies to support their output? We believe great branding can be a big an advantage for a company making cast steel components as it is for Nike or Coca-Cola.

Twenty years ago your corporate identity – the visual representation of what your company does – could sit on the side of your building, or on a letterhead, and happily do its job. Now your logo must look sharp and legible even when it’s the size of a thumbnail on your smartphone, be as powerful on Twitter as it is on a billboard.

Literature design

Branded literature is a vital industrial procurement sales tool. We believe giving your customers and sales teams easy access to both is the key to delivering brochures that sell.

Many industrial customers want physical literature to discuss in a sales meeting, in the boardroom or on-site. And businesses who bring their literature online create significant opportunities to connect to a wider target audience, increasing conversions with industrial buyers who require technical product specifications at the click of a button.

We design sales brochures, catalogues and technical literature in in multiple languages for digital use, as well as print, as it makes sound financial and business sense. Whether you want to impress customers face-to-face or help your international distribution network stay on-brand, we know what we’re doing.


You have a few seconds online to switch someone on or off, so leading industrial brands use professional photography to present a powerful first impression of their products, facilities and people. Our trusted photographers produce impactful and creative images to boost customer confidence in your business and services.