Brand design

Brand design has never been more dynamic, and at D4 we relish the challenge of creating unique visual brands that people recognise in an instant. Twenty years ago your corporate identity – the visual representation of what your company does – could sit on the side of your building, or on a letterhead, and happily do its job. Now your logo has to work far harder, online and offline, to be consistent across an ever-changing landscape. It must look sharp and legible even when it’s the size of a thumbnail on your smartphone. It needs to be as powerful on a Twitter feed as it is on a billboard.

There have been millions of words written on the subject of brand, nearly all relating to consumer products and markets. But what about industrial businesses whose products are bought by other companies to support their output? The fact is brand and digital design are as appropriate for a company pressing metal pieces as they are for Pepsi Cola. It will work just as well for a manufacturer of industrial hoses as it does for Honda.

If you would like to build a powerful digital-first brand that makes you stand out in your industry just get in touch with Paul.