No-one knows your business as well as you. It’s a fact. And here’s another. Determining the role of marketing, so it can effectively deliver your business strategy, drives sales and increases business opportunities.

At d4, we’ve know one thing above all else; industrial marketing needs to be adaptive. Products, services and markets demand change fast, and you need to flex with them to have profitable conversations. We’re not here to make pretty pictures, we’re here to drive our client’s’ brands and businesses with easy-to-access product and service information at the point of purchase.

Most industrial products are sold through expert knowledge so understanding your customers requirements and behaviour is our primary goal. While it’s true to say that online customers are driving a revolution in industrial purchasing, many industrial buyers still want physical literature to discuss in a sales meeting, in the boardroom or on-site.

Right now your customers are using multiple sources to search for the products and services they want — from printed spec sheets, brochures, trade advertising and direct mail campaigns, to online search platforms like Google. Everyday they receive email marketing, watch YouTube videos, download data sheets, and find recommendations through social media.

For the majority of our clients marketing is a ever flowing mixture of traditional and online activity, fine tuned and reviewed quarterly to support their sales strategy. We work hand in hand with them daily to deliver effective on and offline communications, in multiple languages, across local, regional and global territories.