Website design

For most of our clients, their primary digital platform is their website. At D4 we don’t just make pretty pictures online — we design and develop websites specifically for your customers or target audience.

Your customer-base is becoming increasingly more tech savvy, so them being able to access your website on a mobile device is important, therefore it is essential that your website is responsive. Usability across all devices coupled with compelling content will result in Google rewarding you with higher ranking in its search results, which in-turn will lead to more relevant traffic and enquiries for your products and services.

All our websites are developed in WordPress with an easy-to-use content management system, so product lines and news can be updated in-house and in an instant.

Examples of websites we’ve designed and developed:


Increasingly industrial brands are now selling their products worldwide via eCommerce websites. Nowadays it’s quicker and easier to develop an online shop, so it’s not as costly as you may think. Therefore, selling online to new and existing customers is worth considering as a strategy for your business, as you may be missing out on extra sales revenue, even while you’re sleeping.

View our latest eCommerce websites: 

Mobile app development

Mobile search volumes continue to overtake desktop search, so mobile apps are playing an increasingly important role for industrial brands. More of your customers expect to buy, sell and do business on the move, so how about giving them instant access to vital technical data and/or digital tools via their smartphone when they’re on-site and need it most?

Web hosting

Once your website is up and running it needs somewhere secure to sit with internet connectivity. The last thing your business needs is for your website to go offline, web enquiries to suddenly stop or for your site to be hacked. D4’s secure web hosting services means your business is in safe hands online 24 hours a day.