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Cast Metals Federation

Having completed a recent rebrand, the Cast Metals Federation approached D4 to create an intuitive website that truly represented the UK’s modern, high-quality metal casting industry to both Members and the global advanced manufacturing communities.

The challenge was to deliver a clear, fresh articulation of what the Cast Metals Federation is, and what it stands for, to lead the competitive edge of the UK Cast Metals industry within the global marketplace. At the same time we were tasked with overhauling the way CMF communicates internally with their Members.

Our primary mission was to make all CMF members’ contact information clear and accessible to people looking to work with them. So we led the website with a full-page search feature, making it fast and easy to find a foundry or a supplier to foundries. The task required a careful balance of science and brand – exceptional technology and data matched with top-quality design.

Then we put in place a Members area where they can log-in to access specialist event information and downloads, and advertise jobs and equipment for sale. All of this was created around a customised internal comms strategy using the best in today’s info sharing platforms: MailChimp, Surveymonkey, Linkedin, Issuu, EventBrite, etc.

We are proud to have established a distinctive, compelling CMF positioning, along with a verbal and visual toolkit that has enabled them to go to market effectively, ready to do global business in a different way.

“Today’s casting industry is modern and dynamic and we need to be able to reflect our members as vital solutions providers to the global advanced manufacturing industry. Working with D4 has enabled CMF to overhaul the way we communicate.”

— Dr Pam Murrell FICME, Chief Executive, Cast Metals Federation