Reigniting a European reputation.

Darwins Castings

When Sheffield foundry, Darwins Castings asked d4 for help in establishing a digital strategy to strengthen their European sales strategy, we guided executives through a complete refresh of their website, online sales brochures and social media.

Darwins Castings has been manufacturing high integrity sand castings of outstanding quality since 1774. We developed a site that championed their reputation and repositioned the company as a sector specialist in high revenue areas of their business.

Powerful photography showcased the story of a foundry built on two and half centuries of quality and best practice. A new site structure and a punchy reworking of key messaging made it easy for this industry savvy audience to find relevant products and technical information at a glance.

Our social media training enabled them to find new and profitable clients in their niche industry. Translations of key web pages into German, Spanish, French and Italian established Darwins Castings as a strong and credible European player.

“I used to be a cynic when it came to digital and thought we knew everyone in our industry. But thanks to our website and D4’s digital and social media strategy, we’ve broken into markets that we never knew existed in Europe and South America too.”

— Patrick Herron, Managing Director, Darwins Castings