Speaking to the converted.

Panel Systems

Panel Systems came to us with a familiar problem, they were a brand that had fallen into the trap of talking to themselves. They had become so fluent about what they did and how they did it, they thought they had their brand sussed. It was broken up into divisions, each with their own colour. They had a unique language for their processes and systems. They even had a microsite dedicated to each of their many product ranges.

To the people at Panel Systems everything was clear and straightforward. To people outside of Panel Systems however everything online was a mass of confusion. The dozens of microsites made it difficult to find information, and frustrating online transactions meant the business was losing online sales.

Our solution was to create a single, beautifully-designed, modern, responsive website that housed all of their corporate and brand messages as well as their online shop. We literally made a one-stop shop for all things Panel Systems, custom-built from the ground up to be 100% fit-for-purpose and sell more online.

We worked closely with the client team to remove all the internal language and create revised product categories and an overall online information architecture that was based on making it easy for a customer to find what they were looking for.

We based all these design and development decisions on data, facts and statistics. Why did we choose ‘Building Insulation’ over ‘Standard Panels’? It wasn’t just common-sense, it was because the data showed us that the search volume for the former was vastly higher than the search volume for the latter. Which means more visibility in Google that will ultimately drive more relevant traffic to the website.

Why did we audit and curate all the fractured content and bring into one website? Because the data showed us that users were abandoning the checkout process early due to frustration.

And why did we ensure that the website was responsive and worked beautifully on mobile devices? Because the analytics showed us that mobile transactions had a massive opportunity for growth and would be the fastest way to achieve a return-on-investment.

Now, the website makes sense to all who visit and use it, resulting in 12% increase in online sales, from both new and returning customers.